Every story is beautiful but ours is my favourite

Our Story

demure V was created to start a platform to do our part in educating all woman across Australia and the world on all things sanitary and women’s health. With so many brands on the market it is difficult to make a simple informed decision about which products to use? are they beneficial? what does organic mean? is non organic harmful? why are they harmful? So many questions to be answered. With every question, demure V wants to be apart of the answers.

There is much education happening around the world about period pain and being free to talk about your period but what about educating our girls from the onset about understanding what you are buying, what type of products should you be buying and when? What about our girls in remote regions, how are they being informed on sanitary products and hygiene? Do they have regular access to products? How does the foods we eat affect our period cycle?

The endless questions and the need to know answers is how our story began. We intend to answer all those questions and provide not only products but educational platforms that reach out to all girls and woman.

Our story began with a question, our journey is to find the answers.

Our Vision

demure V has a vision to deliver not only sanitary napkins but an educational platform. Through various programs demure V will deliver sanitary care to those in urgent need and run free educational workshops in local communities so girls and woman have a better understanding of ingredients and the importance of being an informed consumer.

For all those who are suffering from natural disasters around the globe and cannot access sanitary products, our commitment will be to supply the every day necessity for those in desperate need.

Whilst continuing our ongoing commitment to being true to our consumers, we will ensure our commitment to the community is just as strong.

  • Consumer Commitment: Providing a variety of products with detailed information on packaging as well as social media pages. Ensuring they receive up to date information on ingredients and continue searching and sharing the knowledge to help our bodies.


  •  Care: Care enough to be truthful to our consumers and provide a variety of products that can help with different stages we all experience during our period journey.


  •  Community: Extending our resources to outback and remote communities that may not have access to important information. Providing educational platforms so no matter the distance we can all help each other in spreading the knowledge.


  •  Charitable Commitment: Provide sanitary shipments to those affected by natural disasters. Our world is experiencing so much devastation, during this time our periods don’t just switch off. We should not feel embarrassed to ask or receive a basic human right necessity.

Being true to you, will set you free.