Plant a Tree

Our pads consist of wood pulp which contribute to deforestation. Although sustainably sourced, we believe it is important that we must give back what we take. Our lives have become so much about convenience due to being time poor with our daily lives that it is easy to forget or not even question where the materials come from. For those who like the convenience of throw away pads, we must try to re-plant trees and be conscious on the impact of the environment. And yes we can purchase re-usable cloth pads however, most on the market are not full biodegradable and when you decide to throw these out they also end up in land fill, this is a whole different story for another post.

Each year we aim to purchase 200 trees that can be re-planted and as we grow as a brand we hope to increase this number. There are many wonderful organisations around the world doing what they can to help save our planet. If you or your business want to be part of purchasing trees visit for more information.